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Davide De Cubellis, born in Rome in 1977, is an illustratorand a storyboard artist since 2000.
He worked with most of Italian entertainment and advertising agencies, collaborating with directors such as Marco Risi, Paolo Virzì, Sergio Rubini, Matteo Garrone, Daniele Luchetti, Ricky Tognazzi and many others. He also worked with internationally renowned directors like Wes Anderson and Guy Ritchie.
In 2003 Davide won Pierlambicchi Award of Prato in 2009 Mediastars – Technical Award for Advertising illustration.

Currently he is a techer at IED, Rome School of Comics and Cinema Academy of Rosebud.
Since 2010 he has been making covers for the fourth season of John Doe (Aurea Editions).
From 2003 to 2013 he worked for Sergio Bonelli Editions with Paolo Morales on various stories about Martin Mystère, among which are a giant album and an almanac, and also on the sixth episode of the collection called“Histories”, “Return to Berlin”.

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We provide both online and on-site courses in visual development and 2D animation. Our mission is to provide a world-class education in visual art and animation to aspiring artists from around the world.


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