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The main focus of our courses is to pass to our students all those skills and knowledge that will help them land a job once they finish their experience with us.

We employ a number of different recruiting services to help our students being hired and to get more visibility from recruiters such as:

  • During the course of the year students will have at their disposal some live lectures that include both technical classes and lectures from company recruiters on topics such as how to prepare a portfolio, how to do interviews, how to write to recruiters etc.

  • Apart from those private lectures IDEA is the only Italian academy to always have a booth at the Annecy Animation Fair allowing students to get their pass for a reduced price; every year we encourage students to attend the fair as it is a very good occasion to get job offers and portfolio reviews by high-end studios (this fair has a strong focus on recruitment).

  • Through the Annecy Animation Fair and other events IDEA has developed contacts with several studios such as Titmouse, Skydance, Jellyfish, Axis, Fortiche Prod, Lighthouse, etc (just to name a few). Every year we towards the end of the course (better even before the Annecy Fair for those students who are able to attend it and prepare a portfolio), we create a folder which we share with the studios which are part of our network to help recruiters evaluate candidates. If there are outstanding candidates we also make direct referrals to studios which have a compatible style).

  • IDEA has a relationship with an agency which provides work for freelancers (they work mainly for US based studios such as Disney, Pixar publishing, Wizards of the Coast, etc). The agency is called Tomatofarm and every year in June/July we also share them our students' portfolios so they can contact the students they are interested in


We have had the honor to contribute to the success of many talented artists from all over the world. By joining their forces and talent to that of their amazing teachers they contributed in making IDEA a unique study and life experience in Europe.

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