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Courses available both on-site and online in live streaming!
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The Visual Development Master  and 2D Animation online course with Anthony Christov, art director at PIXAR, are the right path to become a professional artist. Learn cutting-edge techniques, experiment with new forms of narrative languages and understand the processes of implementation of real projects at a professional level

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Join unique events in Europe with top professionals from PIXAR, Dreamworks, Blizzard, Lucasfilm, Disney and many more. Boost your artistic skills in a short time span with our workshops!

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Do you want to start an artistic career in the entertainment industry? You don't feel ready yet for our Visual Development Master or 2D Animation online course? Enroll in our Fundamentals of Visual Development course and lay the foundations to become a professional!


Don't miss the chance to learn from the best!

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53 - 61 - 63 - 80 - 83 - 160 - C3 - 62 - 85 150F - 492 - 590

BARBERINI (6 min) 
SPAGNA (10 min)

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