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Illustrator, cover artist

Born in Rome in 1974, Cristiano starts working as an illustrator in different fields, from poster designing to publishing industry and in cinema as “fashion illustrator”. He became a comic book artist by working on issue 18 of Demian (together with Maurizio Di Vincenzo), published in 2007. After working on 3 issues of “Magico Vento” on pencil drawings by Giuseppe Barbati, he joined the team of “Julia”(an Italia...

Fundamentals of Visual Development course is now available online in live streaming.


The online live streaming version is the same integral experience as the on-site version with the same features, including access to IDEA's recruiting services and to recruiting events as well. It will include dedicated platforms and channels to facilitate the delivery of assignments and communication with both your fellow students and your teachers.


IDEA's Fundamentals of Visual Development course is the best way to start a career as an animator, concept artist, comic artist or illustrator, building students’ future success on a solid technical basis that will give them a comprehensive understanding of anatomy, environment, and moving dynamics. Students will also learn of all the fundamentals of character design, environment design and illustration for videogame and animation.

IDEA's Fundamentals of Visual Development course offers a practical and direct approach to drawing, taking as references both Baroque and Renaissance Masters as well as contemporary artists who use an artistic representation and interpretation of reality. The course will provide throughout the study that will allow students to be ready for the Visual Development Master Level 1. During this 9 months course, students will train their skills of observation and will learn how to draw in a detailed way both the human body and the world that surrounds it as well as apply their studies to character design, environment design and illustration. IDEA Academy is keen on offering the best and highest quality education in every field and the study of drawing is, like in the past, the first step to becoming next-gen artists and professionals.

“Experience is the only teacher we can rely on” – Leonardo da Vinci

“Experience is the only teacher in which we can trust.”  - Leonardo Da Vinci


  • Observation

  • Composition

  • Dynamics and movement

  • Proportions

  • Lights and shadows

  • Anatomy

  • Construction and Volume

  • Color

  • Rendering

  • Character Design

  • Environment Design

  • Illustration

During the course, students will use life models who will change time and position depending on the exercise. The main part of exercises aims at teaching students how to observe, draw and build shapes which are the basic forms of objects, bodies, heads, etc... and then study values and tones and apply these principles to create illustrations, characters and environments.
Other very important topics are movement and mood, practiced both with the life model and through outdoors sketches. At IDEA Academy we are interested in teaching the students a deep understanding of form, construction and movement rather than how to make nice and glossy surfaces. This understanding is relevant not only for animation but for all kinds of artistic disciplines. This course is therefore an excellent base for further visual studies and to proceed to the Visual Development Master course. It is also relevant for visual professionals wishing to improve their drawing skills.
Another important topic is understanding atmosphere and movement by practicing drawing life models and en plain air.
In IDEA Academy we strongly believe we can offer all our students a precise keystone and a reliable method to make drawings in which construction and movement are at an high professional level.
Understanding these topics is important not only for a career in the entertainment field but also for other kinds of artistic paths. IDEA's Fundamentals of Visual Development course represents an excellent starting point to then deepen one’s artistic studies. Furthermore, it is of great importance for those professionals who want to enhance their drawing and designing skills.



Additional to the classical drawing classes, the semester course contains 3 to 4 guest teacher workshops. The content varies from semester to semester, but mostly the workshops have various topics within animation, comic, illustration and/or fine art.
During the 9 months of course, students will have 4 guest teachers coming from animation, videogames, comics, illustration and fine arts fields.
Furthermore, IDEA Academy also offers its students the great opportunity to attend workshops with internationally renowned professionals working for Pixar, Dreamworks, Blizzard, Activision, Cartoon network, Florence Academy of Fine Arts and much more…


Being a student at IDEA Academy’s drawing course means that you will be given the chance to enter in a unique school in Italy where there is an important network of international professionals and teachers who are currently working as leading artists in their respective fields.
IDEA's staff is always available to offer portfolio reviews and helpful advice to students who would like to attend the Visual Development Master Level 1.


Students will learn t draw using different tools in order to expand and refine their technical knowledge. Pencils, charcoal, ink and brushes will all be used during the course.


Enrollment deadline: subject to availability

Starts on: September 20th, 2021

Ends on: June 20th, 2022




Mondays:          10:00 - 13:00
Wednesdays:     10:00 - 13:00

Fridays:             10:00 - 13:00



Mondays:          15:00 - 18:00
Wednesdays:     15
:00 - 18:00
Fridays:             15:00 - 18:00


Mondays:          18:30 - 21:30
Wednesdays:     18:30 - 21:30

Fridays:             15:00 - 18:00

IMPORTANT: The school reserves the right to change the course's schedule

COST (valid for online as well)

The cost of the course is as follows:


  • € 750 annual enrollment fee (VAT included)

  • € 3000 tuition fee (VAT included)


The sum is to be paid as follows:


  • Enrollment:             750 € (VAT included) to be paid at the enrollment

  • First installment:      1000 € (VAT included) to be paid within September 20th, 2021

  • Second installment: 1000 € (VAT included) to be paid within January 15th, 2022

  • Third installment:     1000 € (VAT included) to be paid within April 15th, 2022


Alternative payment solutions can be arranged with the school