We have had the honor to contribute to the success of many talented artists from all over the world. By joining their forces and talent to that of their amazing teachers they contributed in making IDEA a unique study and life experience in Europe.




"Going to IDEA was a very good decision for me,I’ve learn a lot from my time there"

For a whiIe had given up on art education and decided to follow a purely self-taught route right after finishing high-school, with most options not being very affordable or too far away for me to move to at the time, I was lucky enough to find out about IDEA academy through a good friend of mine and past alumni at IDEA, João Moura.

After a long while trying to decide whether to go or not my decision was finally made so I got everything ready for the big move! After getting my portfolio ready and sending it to the school I was accepted and to my surprise I also won the yearly scholarship! Which I am extremely thankful for.

Going to idea was a very good decision for me,I’ve learn a lot from my time there and got pushed out of my comfort zone constantly with the help and input of super talented teachers which really helped me build a way more complete portfolio by the end of the year!

And that’s how i ended up getting interviewed and given offers by several companies at Annecy and THU, however the best surprise was getting contacted by Fortiche Production, where I am working at the moment and am part of the design team for Riot’s Arcane series!



“It was the biggest change in my life, and by far, the best.”

I decided to attend IDEA Academy at the end of Summer of 2016. To my delight, the school accepted me and, in less then two weeks, I left my job, my apartment, sold my furniture and sorted out my affairs to go to Rome. It was the biggest change in my life, and by far, the best. I took a leap of faith by going to a school I had just heard about and was rewarded with the most amazing and talented teachers, the kindest staff, the best colleagues (now friends) and one of the greatest years of my life. It was my first contact with the 'visual development world' and I am very glad it happened there. IDEA is very prepared to introduce its students to this world: I had workshops with amazing artists, portfolio review and contact with studios and companies. At the end of the year, IDEA provided tickets for the Annecy Animation festival. This got me some interviews with some amazing studios and ended up giving me my first big break, the job I have at the moment.  

Currently I am working at Illumination Macguff as a set designer for the preproduction of a movie. My job, as the name says, consists in helping with the set design of the movie.



“Here I found the most skilled and available teachers, and amazing classmates.”

I enrolled in IDEA Academy’s Visual Development Master after attending some of its high-level workshops with international professionals. I was uncertain about it, as it would have been the first class ever, but I'm happy to say that I don’t regret it at all: here I found the most skilled and available teachers, and amazing classmates. It wasn’t easy for me, because I worked: many things to learn, intensive work, homework…but it was worth it! After the school, I kept working as a freelance artist, but embarking on some new exciting projects, that I would have never approached before, like my collaboration with the app Foodies Trip. I was also rewarded with a recognition for my work in Guy Richie’s King Arthur themed contest.


Currently I am Production Artist for JAM MEDIA in Ireland.



“Being surrounded everyday by people with the same love for art will give you a boost to the next level.”

After graduating in Japanese Studies I decided to try and pursue my creativity and passion for arts. My year at IDEA academy has been an incredible opportunity to grow as an artist and get to know the diverse aspects of the entertainment industry. Under the guidance of experienced teachers and professionals I could try out many different skills and techniques, from storyboarding to 3D rendering, which helped me defining my own path and career goals. A course at IDEA is hard work, but being surrounded everyday by people with the same love for art is really something that can’t be replaced and will give you a boost to the next level.
From June 2017 to January 2018 I worked as a concept artist, background artist and UI artist at Affinity Project, for the mobile game “Don-Ay: adorable runners. Currently I’m working as a freelancer.

Currently Visual Development Artist  for Jam Media (Dublin).



“IDEA Academy was and still is a landmark for me”

After a degree in languages and different work experiences, I decided to sign up for the IDEA Academy Masters: it was definitely one of the best choices I could make to shake up my working and creative life.
The academy gave me the opportunity to confront myself with students and teachers who greatly stimulated and enriched me in a climate of expressive freedom and creative ferment. At the end of the course, thanks to the presence of the school at the Annécy festival, I was able to concretely project myself into the world of work and confront myself on a different level.
For me, IDEA has been and still is a landmark, a meeting place where I can continue to get involved and mature thanks to the professionalism and human warmth of all the staff.
At the moment I work as a freelance illustrator and from April 2019 I will start a new working adventure as prop designer at Caribara in Paris



I am every day happily designing environments, characters and props for different cartoon TV series.

I studied Fine Arts and 2D Animation, I ended up working as a Graphic Designer and Illustrator for advertising and marketing for five years in Barcelona. 

Then I decided to try changing from advertising to the industry that I have always trully love: Cartoons and Motion Pictures. So I decided to enroll in IDEA Academy. I was accepted in the Art Direction Master and It was amazing. The style variety and shocking artistry of every teacher and their constant feedback made me improve radically in only a 10 months course. The working level is very demanding and the lovely familiar environment of the academy and their staff made me feel very supported. Super recommended!

Then with the contacts I made in Annecy with the school I manage a couple of interviews and now I am working as a Visual Development Artist for Mondo TV in Tenerife, my home town. I am every day happily designing environments, characters and props for different cartoon TV series. 

(more alumni highlights being added soon)

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