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Composer for Activision, Namco, Ubisoft

David Logan is an award-winning Composer and recent Hollywood Music in Media Award nominee who is a graduate (magna cum laude) of Berklee College of Music. After graduation in 1994, he was recruited by Player’s Music, where he quickly became Music Director. He founded his first multimedia company shortly thereafter, M3 – Music for Multimedia. In 1996 David moved to Los Angeles were he found immediate success as a Composer in the Video Game industry. In the gaming arena, David is a licensed Authorized Developer for Sony and Nintendo, and a licensed content creator for X-Box. His gaming credits include music composition for massively popular games like X-Men - Mutant Academy 
(Activision), PacMan World 2 (Namco) and the re-released arcade classic Asteroids (Activision).  He composed the award winning epic soundtrack Heroes Over Europe for Ubisoft (PS3, XBox 360, PC) and the HMMA nominated Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty for iPhone/iPad.  In addition to this, he was the first composer to compose streaming interactive MIDI music for Sony Playstation.   
His music has been used extensively in television, both in advertisements like Nike’s 2004 Summer Olympics campaign featuring Marion Jones and television shows like Sex and the City (HBO), FaceOff (NBC) and Access Hollywood (NBC).  David was also a featured composer for Disney’s Ready Or Not, which is currently in syndication to 42 different countries and has garnered critical acclaim. 
As a record producer and songwriter David has recorded, produced and co-written with Jewel, Liz Rodrigues (Eminem/Pitbull), Jimmy Shaw (Metric), Chris Seligman/Torquil Campbell (Stars) and Dave Hodge/Adam Marvey (Broken Social Scene).  Currently he is collaborating with DJ JePh on the AtoAtomic project. 
In addition to his composing and producing career David has acquired a true passion for teaching.  A year after his return to Canada in 2003 he took up a teaching post at the Toronto Film School in Toronto teaching Video Game composition and Audio Design.


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