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Comic book & cover artist, illustrator. Notable works: Batman, Hellboy, Spider-Man, Superman, X-Factor, and Zatanna

Ryan Sook has been working in comics for more than twenty years. His covers and sequential work have been used by every major American publisher and many independent and international labels as well. From Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, to Spiderman, Captain America, and X-Men, Sook has depicted many of comics most recognizable and enduring characters.


He has collaborated with many of the industry's most celebrated creators and been established as an artist skilled in every aspect of the comic book medium both
traditional and digital. As an artist first but also as a writer, colorist, letterer, and designer. After a recent arc on DC’s flagship title Action Comics, Sook is helping to build the visual future of the DC universe alongside famed writer Brian Michael Bendis.


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