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2D Senior Animator (Titmouse, Cartoon Network, Cartoon Saloon, ...)

He was born in Perugia in 1977. After a technical training as a surveyor he decided to pursue an artistic career. He attended a course for screenwriters and storyboard artists in Terni and then moved to Rome to start working as an animator at Musicartoon. He stayed in Rome for several years collaborating with various local studios before starting to travel around Europe to work on various projects (Pinocchio, The amazing world of Gumball, Long Way North, Chris the Swiss). He also collaborates with various studios as a freelancer (Titmouse, Birdbox, Cartoon Network, Prime Focus world) working on various projects (music videos, TV shows, commercials, animated series) and covering various roles (storyboard, character design, illustration, development of new projects ). In recent years he has collaborated with the Irish studio Cartoon Saloon on television series (Pete the cat) and feature films (Wolf walkers, My father's dragon). During his career he has lived in Luxembourg, Germany, Denmark, England, Croatia, Ireland. He currently resides in Perugia and works on personal projects and remote collaborations.

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