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Concept artist for animation and entertainment projects. Teacher of drawing, painting, color and design. Clients include DreamWorks, Blue Sky and Disney.

Concept artist for the animation and entertainment industry. Drawing, painting, color and design teacher. among his clients are: DreamWorksBlue SkyBlizzard and Disney.

Nathan Fowkes is a veteran entertainment industry artist with credits on 11 feature films including: The Prince of Egypt, Spirit, several projects within the Shrek Universe, How to Train Your Dragon, The Legend of Puss in Boots, RIO2 and an upcoming project from Disney.

Nathan is also well known as a teacher of color, light and design; he teaches at The Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art, and is a regular guest lecturer at Art Center College of Design.

Additionally Nathan has been sought after as a consultant for game studios to enhance the quality of their theatrical presentation. He has worked with numerous clients including Blizzard EntertainmentInfinity WardDisney InteractiveRiot Games, King Studio, Ubisoft and Rovio. His work can be seen at 

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