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Currently storyboard artist for Pixar (Incredibles 2), formerly Nickelodeon (Ninja turtle spin off tv show) , Marvel (Avenger Assemble tv show) , Disney tv (Miraculous Ladybug tv show) , Ankama (Wakfu tv show) and Despicable me 3 (Illumination Mac Guff)

Melody is currently storyboard artist for Pixar Studios, formerly Nickelodeon, Marvel, Disney tv, Ankama and Illumination Mac Guff. She created and managed a free storytelling and drawing webforum and is an author and creator of IPs, comics and internationally renowned graphic novels. Melody considers herself an author most of all and she devotes her free time to the creation of her own stories and worlds. Melody was a teacher at Gobelins Animation School and is always looking to share her own working experience on how to become a professional in the animation industry.



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