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2D - 3D Environment Artist

Hi! I’m Matteo Bassini and I’m a 2D - 3D Environment Artist from Italy. 
I've been in the industry for 12 years now. I started with the French comics books (BDs) as a colorist artist for big publishers like Soleil and Delcourt. 
Then I moved to Tokyo for 2 years and I worked as a 2D-3D concept artist for the company DICO株式会社
When I went back to Italy I started my remote collaboration as a 3D environment artist with “Counterplay Games” working on the Godfall project “Godfall Project”. 
After this project, I started my trip with ORI at MOON Studios as a 2D-3D Environment Artist.
I also did some side projects and collaborations with Passion Pictures, BlueSky Studios, Wizards of the Coast, Netflix Animation, Adobe and others. 



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