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Concept designer: Guerilla Games, Cloud Imperium Games

I am a concept designer for games and film, currently living in Rome. I specialise in 3d environment, prop and vehicle design and have worked on games such as Killzone:Shadowfall, Horizon Zero Dawn and Star Citizen.
Exploring creative solutions to realistic problems is what I love greatly, and working with constraints is when I thrive. With a passion for both history and science, I like working on a variety of themes, IPs and styles. I also help organising the anual Playgrounds Festival in Amsterdam, and have been a speaker at Conferences like Industry Workshops in London. In my spare time I love cycling in the countryside, and for that, Rome is certainly one of the best places. Visiting castles and finding breathtaking vistas inspires me greatly in my work. I think it is healthy to continuously keep being inspired by beautiful architecture, art, and history and I am really happy and lucky to have found an opportunity to find all those things so close.


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