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This festival is a Boonika & Boonar Studio project. IFCC is short for “Independent Festival of Creative Communication”. It is a festival with the primary goal to promote authorship and creativity through education and rewarding, especially in the field of art and design within the entertainment industry, publishing and advertising. IFCC arose from the perceived need to expand and increase educational content involved with the Judgment Day Awards which will conclude the festival.

Festival guests are usually made of these three groups – speakers, recruiters and attendees.

Lectures, demos, parties, workshops, recruiting sessions and exhibitions are standard ingredients of IFCC program. Attendees just love them because of the valuable information they receive directly from some of the best creatives on the planet. Speakers, recruiters and attendees hang out together through all the days and nights of the festival. It’s a regular practice during every IFCC event.

IFCC Show-Off is maybe the most important part of the program because attendees get the chance to have their portfolio reviewed by industry’s top professionals. They are also allowed to present their work to recruiters on IFCC’s big stage. During IFCC 2016 Show-Off program more than 50 artists presented their portfolios on a big stage.




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