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DOTSTAY is an housing solution dedicated to prospective students in order to facilitate their stay in Rome.


This all-inclusive service is thought to reduce the stress of moving to a new city and to help non-Italian speaking students with practical issues that would otherwise be time-consuming.


How does it work?

  • Consultants will answer all your questions and provide you with guidelines through a Skype Call;

  • They'll look for your dream accommodation, according to all your needs (eg. single room, quiet place);

  • They'll help you find a temporary accommodation for your first days in Italy;

  • If you don't find a suitable apartment online, you will visit three houses here in Rome;

  • They'll send a letter as a proof of accommodation, in order to help you get your VISA;

  • Private pick-up from station or airport at first arrival;

  • They'll give you a local sim card;

  • You'll meet your "Angel", a person ready to help you in any circumstance;

  • They'll translate texts or documents for you;

  • They'll assist with the bureaucratic formalities (the contract, your gas and energy bills);

  • They'll assist you in opening an Italian bank account; 

  • They'll assist you for seven days, from the check-in in the chosen house, for any needs related to the accommodation, and with the check-out.


                                 FOR INFORMATION:  WWW.DOTSAY.COM

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