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Author, Editor, Illustrator, Colorist - Delcourt editions, Soleil

Born on the 19th January 1969 in Genoa. After reading Architecture at University she began working as commercial artist and as illustrator. In 1996 she started a collaboration with the Walt Disney Company: she took part to several creative projects as illustrator drawer and character designer. Together with Alessandro Barbucci in 1997 she gave life to the new magazine W.I.T.C.H. In fact they took part to the project’s editing they created t...


How to create a character? What are the most important traits a it must have in order to be a winning character? What are the secret techniques to create a catchy design which can immediately communicate who our character is? What are the current style trends in the international markets (especially the French one)? How to improve one's style in order to be competitive in nowadays' market?

What is color? How can it be used to improve the narration and to create images which are not just beautiful, but are also effective? What are the essential tools needed in digital coloring? How to create a coloring which is in harmony with the drawing, what techniques should be used?

This 3 days workshop will face the above mentioned topics which revolve around two macro categories: character design and digital coloring.

Barbara has extensive experience in comic books and illustration, has created unforgettable series such as Sky Doll, Monster Allergy, the Witches etc. and follows a multitude of projects as Responsible for the Metamorphose series on a daily basis. Through her expert hands, all the topicsat the foundation of  successful character design and digital coloring. Color properties, how to manipulate light and shadows, how to use textures will all be discussed during the class. Time will also be dedicated to analysing different coloring styles and how to choose the right style in relation to the drawing and the needed effect.

Attendees will receive assignments which will be realized within a time limit and according to the teacher's instructions. Group exercises will be integrated and every participant will have to critically analyse his/her own work as well as that of others. At the end of the class, every student will have realized at least 2 finished illustrations (drawing and coloring), and will have found the guidelines of his/her own personal methos with a pre-arranged workflow.

Il workshop is aimed at professionals from the publishing/creative world (illustrators, animators, concept designers, etc) who want to deepen their knowledge of digital coloring (as a narrative tool to create atmosphere, moods, settings) and concept desig (character creation, styles, techniques, etc.). 

During the 3 days of the workshop, different working methods will be faced, as well as different approaches to digital coloring: advanced properties of Adobe Photoshop will be explored and many problems related to work finalization of a professionally-colored digital image will be discussed.


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