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Angry Birds, Hotel Transylvania 2, Despicable Me 2...

I was born in Bari, Italy in 1981. My strong passion for animation and modeling led me to attend the Scuola Nazionale di Cinema in Turin, Italy where I completed my university degree in 3D animation. I then moved to Paris, where I furthered and completed my formal education at Gobelins Ecole de l`Image.

Working on large international productions over the years has helped me develop my expertise in character visual development which is my specialty area.

What I love most is the challenge of creating and investigating shapes with strong attention to details in order to bring characters to life, providing them with appeal and elegance.

I am a traditional sculptor coming form clay and I added my digital skills to my traditional ones. Zbrush is now my preferred tool for character concept development along with Maya to create some proper, clean assets that are ready to be used in the pipeline.
I am also skilled in many other complementary software programs such as Photoshop, 3D-Coat, UVLayout, etc.

My studies in animation have provided me with a solid, practical background of knowledge in the artistic field, while my experience in production has given me the tools to handle, autonomously, complex situations, in short time.

I consider myself an adaptable and highly motivated individual ready to take on challenges. I am an easygoing person and a great team member while at the same time able to utilize my own initiative.


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